Somalia 's Hope Should Not Remain Hostage to the Warlords

One of the most important issues in the security agenda of the TFG is disarmament. This is a fundamental condition for the establishment of peace, reconciliation and reconstruction of the institutions of the Somali State . As we are aware, Somalia has been without central government for almost 14 years; the possession of guns has become a part of everyday life.

Warlord Yalaxow Should not be Allowed to Derail Efforts to Pacify Mogadishu

Ill-informed he is. But, fool Yalaxow is not. He intentionally fired his comments at an opportune time – when a high delegation of the government,

Ethiopia: Unjust Somali Land Transfer by Unpopular Cadres Breeds Conflict

Mr. Jibriil, who was in a semi-seclusion state, or what fanatic Muslims call “Khalwo,” until he agreed to hastily authorize the transfer of Somali districts to the Oromo National State only a few months in to parliamentarian elections,

Report Card for Riyaale: A Failing Grade

Nearly two years later, Somaliland is on the verge of collapse and anarchy. The political landscape is bleak and rather gloomy marred by rampant corruption, persistent human rights violations and continuing war in the disputed Sool region.

Zamzam and the Hargaysa Kangaroo Court

The Zamzam case is a glaring reminder of the Kangaroo Court in which the rights of the accused and the precepts of justice are totally ignored. The detention and trail of Zamzam Ahmed Dualeh was not only unfair...

Cabdullaahi Yuusuf's Government is not a Government of Scope.

WardheerNews Editorial

December 3, 2004

 We understand that Mr. Cabdullahi Yusuf Axmed, president of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, and his prime Minister, Cali Maxamed Geeddi, have put together a list of names for its cabinet.  The list so far consists of 31 ministers.  As the practice has been in Somalia, we will soon learn the names of vice ministers and Director Generals plus Hogaamo, position only unique to Somalia.  In a net shell, the Yusuf –Geeddi government would be bloated so big that it soon may comprise as many as hundred. Call this a government of no scope whose only intention is nothing beyond the distribution of the expected spoils from Western donor countries along clan lines via warlords and hustlers (Qabqablayaal).

 President Cabdullahi Yusuf Axmed and Prime Minister Geeddi had the opportunity to design a small and efficient government with a focused scope for reconciliation and rehabilitation.  Western donor countries that are on the sidelines to help resuscitate the defunct Somalia state also equally erred in letting, if not tacitly encouraging, the president and his prime minister to present such a behemoth organism. All involved should have used this opportunity to establish a small government in the tradition of Schumacher's concept of “small is beautiful.”  Somalia, a country without any government or capital in the coffers, can hardly afford an administration bigger than that of U.S.A and Britain combined.

 Adding insult to injury, most of the members of the new cabinet are corrupt and uneducated, whose credentials is nothing more than these: they are either warlords or clan hustlers (qabqablayaal). In fact, the way cabinet post are matched with some new ministers and the past misdeeds that they have committed invoke a disappointing Shakespearean irony.

 For example, Barre Hiiraale, who caused the dislocation of thousands of innocent people in the Jubaland, is now designated as the Minister for rehabilitation and resettlement (as, if he knows the whereabout of the displaced refugees.) or Cumar Maxamed Finish, a former lieutenant of Yalaxow as the Minister designee for Religious and Moral Affairs, despite the fact that he was one of the main obstacles for the last 13 years to do anything helpful in Mogadishu.  Public Works and Urban Affairs goes to Cusmaan Caato who looted Somalia's nascent industry, construction equipments and confiscated hundreds of properties from those who fled from Mogadishu in the height of the 1990 civil war.  Trade and commerce went to the infamous Suudi Yalaxow, a former cab driver and a notorious warlord in his own backyard.  This is the same Mafioso man who shelled the markets of Mogadishu in mid 1990's for the sole motive of forcing small traders in Kaaraan and elsewhere to pay him protection money. Agriculture goes to Shaatiguduud who waged clan war of resistance in the agriculturally rich Baydhabo plains once dubbed as the “death triangle.”  In Buba, a man of superior literary scholarship and amazingly inferior moral standards, is made to settle for a new ineffective and irrelevant ministry (Ministry of Interregional Affairs). 

 One wonders what happened to the men of integrity and Somali intellectuals who could have brought with vigor, honesty and experience to jump-start a fresh beginning in Somalia. This is a clossal mishap and a missed opportunity to say the least.

Cabdulahi Yusuf Axmed's government is so poor and extremely of inferior quality that Abdulqasim's administration already triggers nostalgic feelings!  


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