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Ministry of Security and DDR
Government of Puntland State of
Somalia, Garowe

Puntland Government Forces Continue Anti-Terrorism Operations in Galkayo

02 September 2011

Al Shabaab terrorist group launched a direct attack against locations in Galkayo city where Puntland security forces are based.

Puntland security forces repelled the attackers, spread out into Galkayo neighborhoods and seized control of the location where the attack was planned.

The fighting erupted yesterday [01 Sept. 2011] after Al Shabaab terrorists opened fire on Puntland security forces intending to arrest members of a terrorist cell who organize assassinations and bombings at specific locations.

The numbers of death and wounded persons remain unconfirmed however Puntland security forces have arrested 22 members of Al Shabaab terrorist group who were engaged in fighting against government forces in Galkayo.

For the past 4 years, the frequency of assassinations and bombings targeting valued members of Puntland communities in Galkayo has increased, and these crimes were planned and organized in the neighborhood where yesterday’s fighting erupted and in the neighborhood of Galkayo where Galmudug authority is based.

It is unfortunate that the Galmudug leader lied about the situation in Galkayo during a BBC interview, as he falsely claimed that it is “clan fighting”.

Every person in Galkayo today knows that Al Shabaab terrorists have been escaping to Galmudug side, where the terrorists re-organize, receive ammunitions and medical treatment, as admitted by the Galmudug leader himself, Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Alim.

Mr. Alim has never spoken out against the targeted killings and bombings in Galkayo, as the killings and bombings oddly do not happen in the Galkayo neighborhood where Galmudug is based.

Puntland Government confirms there is no clan fighting, and this point is proven by the fact that four (4) Al Shabaab commanders killed in today’s fighting and 22 Al Shabaab members detained by Puntland security forces are originally from different regions of Somalia and belong to different clans.

Finally, the Government of Puntland has a constitutional duty to protect our national security and to defend the people and the Government calls upon the public to cooperate with security forces conducting operations to maintain peace and security in Galkayo.

Ministry of Security and DDR
Government of Puntland State of Somalia
E-mail: puntland.security@gmail.com
Web: www.puntland-gov.net

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