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Northern Somali for Peace and Unity (NSPU)

Statement by NSPU in Response to Abdirahman Mohamed Haji

Feb 02, 2012

In an article titled Faking documents: the new past time of “Northern Somali for Peace and Unity” posted on WardheerNews on January 18, 2012 a certain Abdirahman Mohamed Haji, writing from Hargeisa, accused the Northern Somalis for Peace & Unity (NSPU) of faking a document submitted to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) under the title, “ MEMORIAL SUBMITTED BY THE EXPERT, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA posted on WardheerNews on January 01, 2012.

NSPU wishes to state unequivocally first and foremost that it neither wrote that document, nor commissioned anyone to write it, nor faked it after it was written. But it is a document that exists and was provided to NSPU by a member of the staff of the expert who prepared the document.

The fact is that neither the Somali Republic, nor the United Nations, nor the international community, nor NSPU for this matter, needs to take a case to the ICJ for opinion or a ruling on whether the secessionist enclave calling itself “Somaliland” should be recognized as an independent sovereign state separate from the Somali Republic. NSPU is gratified that the secessionist enclave is considered the world over as part and parcel of the Somali Republic whose sovereignty, political unity and territorial integrity is affirmed and reaffirmed by the UN and the international community at large every now and then. NSPU agrees, therefore, with Mr.Abdirahman that there is no case to be considered by the ICJ.

However, NSPU also agrees with the facts arrayed in the ‘MEMORIAL”, the incisive analysis, the cogent reasoning and the legally sound presentation of the expert. NSPU can well understand that the secessionists will find those objective facts unpalatable, for they are well-known for their proclivity to manufacture their own ‘facts’. For instance, in order to justify ‘Somaliland’s’ blatant military attack on the newly-formed Khatumo State their soi-disant ‘foreign minister’ declared at Hargeisa airport only a few days ago that the UN is against the disintegration of ‘Somaliland’; and the secessionists refer to the US envoy to Somalia as ‘the US envoy to both Somalia and Somaliland’ and, similarly, to the Representative of the UN Secretary General to Somalia as his representative ‘to both Somalia and Somaliland’. It is common knowledge of course that neither the US nor the UN recognizes anything called ’Somaliland’ as a sovereign state. The so-called ‘Somaliland’ claims and seeks to occupy or is occupying by force Khatumo State, Awdal State and Makhir on the flimsy grounds of ‘territorial integrity’ ignoring the fact that only a sovereign state, in this case the Somali Republic, can claim and defend territorial integrity. Mr. Abdurahman should know, whether he is a lawyer or not, that under international law the so-called ‘Somaliland’ falls within the boundaries of Somalia and has, therefore, no legal claim to territorial integrity.

The secessionist leaders live the reality of being an integral part of Somalia every day – a reality to which they nevertheless close their eyes to deceive and mislead their followers. It was only a few days ago when Dr. Abdulweli, the Prime Minister of Somalia, approved for the secessionist enclave a water project funded by the African Development Bank which had stipulated that the TFG must agree and sign for it. This happens to be only one example which illustrates that the enclave inescapably depends on the goodwill of the federal government in Mogadishu for any international or bilateral engagements.

NSPU avails itself of this opportunity to appeal once again to our brothers and sisters in the so-called ‘Somaliland’ to join hands with the rest of the Somali Nation in the interest of PEACE, UNITY and PROSPERITY.

For further information, please contact:
Ali Artan, Director of Communications
Emai: contact@nspu.org

website: www.nspu.org

NORTHERN SOMALIS FOR PEACE & UNITY (NSPU) is a grass-roots Somali advocacy organization with Branches in Somalia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, USA, UK, and South Africa. We are dedicated to the promotion of peace and unity among the long suffering people of Somalia. We believe the ‘Somalia problem’ can only be dealt with within the framework of a holistic strategic approach aimed at the empowerment of a central government to rebuild national democratic governance institutions and restore law and order throughout the country. NSPU believes the balkanization of Somalia is a recipe for future conflicts and a bleak future for the Somali people, who are bonded by ethnicity, language, religion, and shared centuries-old culture and traditions.


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