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The 5th Anniversary of WardheerNews.com
By Rashid Yahya Ali
November 25, 2009

Wardheer-News’s truth in reporting and presentation of events in Somalia with objectivity and clarity, content and scope; not so much through the lens of the present day plight and predicament, but through its editorial pages, literary publications and the caliber of its Op-Ed contributors - has undeniably set her apart and above its competitors.

Through its distinctive mix of news, littérateur and opinion, Wardheer-News emits a sense of pride and hope of what Somalia can and should be, while at the same time maintaining that which Somalia was in its glory days. 

Browsing Wardheer’s niches of publications from the latest news stories to its folklore tales; I often find myself immersed in deep thoughts and mediation or find my eyes swelling up in tears and on other occasions driven into bouts of uncontrollable laughter. Every conceivable human emotion unfolds here in a way no other web-page has managed to combine news; poetry and historic anecdotes in relevance to the tumultuous times of present day Somalia.

How does one keep his eyes dry when reading Nadiifo Culusow’s lullaby for her infant son Hanad? If you have not read Dr. Abdirahman Baileh’s piece posted on Wardher; please do so. It is a must-read masterpiece of immense importance to anyone interested in understanding the perseverance of the Somali people and what they have endured. Nadiifo’s song must be written on a gold leaf, kept for eternity, learned by heart, line-by-line and taught in every school and higher institution in the country. 

Only Wardheer-News, the first to post, seems to understand this gem, its value and place in society. Since July 0f 2009, it is still deservingly posted pre-eminently under Talk of the Town section.

Again; go take a look at Dr. Kapchits “Warku Ha Sii Faafo” and see if you can stop chuckling with amusement and joy on the richness and literary depths of the Somali culture. Still more; have you read the “Somali Folklore Narrative” by the same author; particularly the “Saddex Maanlaawe- the Three Fools.” Oh! You must.

Now, you understand why I am a fan of Wardhere-News.

It is blasphemy to shower praise to the undeserving, but equally, it is also the essence of injustice to deny the deserving and those who earned it with distinction. Verily; Wardheer-News has earned it and their selfless contribution to society, uncompensated, is truly worthy of praise.

As the course of events in Somalia continue to worsen, and the passage of time with respect to prevailing conditions shape our psyche and thoughts, some lost hope and succumbed to the hysteria of clannishness and mean-spirited lowliness. Others rose to the occasion and sought higher grounds, never forgetting that the worst amongst us do not represent of who we are as people. Wardheer-News, in deed and word, maintains dignity, pride and honor to the name Somali, and we are proud and appreciative of its work.

Happy 5th Anniversary and a lasting continuing success to Wardheer-News group.

Rashid Yahya Ali
Baltimore; Maryland

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