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WardheerNews at Five
By Dr. Said S. Samatar
Rutgers University
November 23, 2009

Dr. Said S. Samatar
Prof. Said S. Samatar
What is the ideal mission of a newspaper--electronic or in print? Simply to provide news? to serve a reading public? to gather bits and pieces of information from various and sundry obscure sources, all too often inaccessible to the average reader, marshall it into coherent components and present it to the public in a readable fashion at a convenient forum? WardheerNews, which is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its welcome birth, has done all of the above, with ability and insight.

Over the past five years, WardheerNews, which combines the functions of a newspaper with those of a learned magazine, has successfully brought global events in general, and Horn-of-Africa happenings in particular, to the living room of every dwelling with a computer throughout the world.

Wardheer's coverage is fresh and varied: some entries are modest-sized, but informative and easy to read. Others are lengthy, scholarly and evocative, especially those that feature under the heading of the coveted "Talk of the Town." In the interest of full disclosure, I myself have been privileged to register a number of visits under that column. WardheerNews, that is, caters to kings--and I am renowned for modesty--without losing the common touch.

Great honors to the Editorial Board, the webmaster, Yusuf Hassan, the editor-in-chief, Faisal Roble, the publisher, Abdelkarim Hassan, and the managing editors, Ahmed and Ismail Hassan (the Hassan brothers), the contributing editors and all their able associates for giving us a competent, enlightening news organ for the past five years, and we anticipate, in gratitude, another five years of equally rewarding service. Congratulations, boys!

Dr. Said S. Samatar
Rutgers University

New Jersey, USA

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