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Congratulations to WardheerNews.
By Dr. Ali Bahar
November 20, 2009

On this occasion of the 5th anniversary of WardheerNews, a 5th step towards what we hope will lead to a much bigger historic milestone in the future, I congratulate all those who launched this website with the mission of providing a quality product to millions of people who were (are) desperately looking for a media outlet for public discourse and personal growth. I congratulate all those who associated with the measure of achievement and the successful celebration for this occasion. At the outset, we must confess difficulty in evaluating, and in fact we should all appreciate, the visionary excursion it requires to have any website get off the ground, let alone understanding the giant leap that WardheerNews has undertaken in just five years; right in front of our eyes. I do not pretend to know their remediation efforts and financial burdensome that it requires to deliver such a high demand quality product, it seems to me, however, that all considerations were given to accommodate the ever growing demands for a quality, non-biased media outlet for those who want to publish their work and share with others. WardheerNews has become that ideal outlet for many; all conglutinated by the feeling of belonging to the same space where mutual respect is a common denominator.  Ideas come to be recognized and audiences of all kinds must applaud what they read in WardheerNews.

What is the secret to such success?

Perhaps the most obvious secret ingredient of their success, in my judgment, is their effort in promoting greater tolerance and embracing differences in viewpoints that were seemingly taken as the starting point. What drives their commitment to delivering quality – centered and a resourceful website, in my opinion, has far more to do with their passion for excellence than accidental results. That, in and itself, is a unique strength that served them well, I believe.

In an era with a plethora of Somali – run - Internet “DOT COMS”, it is fashionable to buy and sell domain names by the million. Not surprisingly, many of them are disappearing much faster than they changed hands and could not live up to the challenge.  Countless others are offering nothing more than dazzling empty “high-tech gimmicks” and the promotion of group and clan interests. Many even help stoking the flame of social ills in Somalia.

Fortunately for many of us WardheerNews filled the void and reassure us with their sameness to that which we know- always reflect our contemporary values. WardheerNews guarantees its readers to gain access and a passing acquaintance to plethora collections of rare resources of Somali history, poems, publication of books and journals that depict on culture, politics and economics all relevant to today’s Somali problems. There exist treasures of in depth expert analysis of issues about the Somali tragedy, and scholarly written work published by reputable Somali men and women, some of which presenting diagonally opposing analysis on issues that matter. It is up to the reader, not the webmaster, to judge what it is that the reader should or shouldn’t be reading. WardheerNews provides us that space and freedom to judge for ourselves. 

Admittedly, in my own experience, many of my own commentaries on particular issues have faced rejection and intolerance by some websites functioning as clan-mouth-piece or region-centered websites, where intolerance is the norm ignorance. The point in here is that legitimately disliking something or disagreeing with an opinion should not be practiced as the right to repress or condemn other’s viewpoints, as we have seen in many big-name Somali websites. To the contrary WardheerNews, on the other hand, demonstrated heightened tolerance with enthusiastic acceptance of differences in opinions and diversity. Residing in the heart of tolerance is an attempt on the part of WardheerNews’s Editorial Board to advance value neutrality and non judgmentalism. Accepting all unsettled topics inherently reflecting someone’s values is a sign of maturity. By the sheer fact of demonstrating such commitment of professional standards, WardheerNews has attracted an enormously talented and resourceful people from all walks of life looking for place to grow. It has become a home for many of us where our views are tolerated and respected and that is, in my humble opinion, the known secret of success.

Simply put: realizing that its contributors are its best value, WardheerNews cares deeply about its product and its audiences. WardheerNews provides you a space, opens the ceiling for ideas to rain and serves you with efficiency, integrity and honesty to help bring the best minds into the fold.  In short, what draws talented audiences to the website, after all, is not pretty pictures or savvy graphics - it is a useful content; a gateway to where the website envisioned to be in the future.

Bravo WardherrNews. Keep it simple and honest.


Ali Bahar

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